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We suggest planning and production of functional clothes by grafting various functionality such as cooling, heating and scent-processing.

Cooling functionality
(Patent No. 10-2012-0035847)

It is harmless to human body with cooling process agent developed and manufactured based on natural materials, and it absorbs heat by absorbing moisture from air and body, so it helps to keep the temperature efficiently and keep the clothes pleasantly under severe hot environment.

  • Component: Xylitol, Chitosan derivative(Polyglucosamine), Green tee extract, Silver
  • Effect: Skin cooling, antibacterial, cool and comfort, elasticity, moisturizing
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Heating functionality
(Patent No. 10-20120035848)

It uses harmless heating agent based on extract from natural plants and expands microvessel of skin and increases blood flow rate, so helps to keep body temperature under cold weather and helps to blood circulation.

  • Component: Capsaicin, Chitosan derivative(Polyglucosamine), Aloe Extract, silver
  • Effect: Controlling virus and various odors by antibacterial and deodorization function.
              Preventing skin disease, increasing immunity and moisturizing effect
              Preventing static electricity and blocking ultraviolet rays
              Accelerating blood circulation by emission of far-infrared rays
              It expands blood vessel, increases blood flow and blood circulation and rises temperature when contacted to skin.
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Scent processing
It gives effect to stimulate sense of smell with mild fragrance by using scent(mint, coffee or various floral scents)
processing agent to clothes.
Certificate of patent
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