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SHIRT Factory

Vietnam – Hanoi

Bangladesh – Savar
  • 200,000 pieces from 12 lines/month
  • 150,000 pieces from 7 lines/month
  • 150,000 pieces from 9 lines/month
  • 1. Strengthen the ability to passing site work by consisting Korean responsible manager for domestic order.
  • 2. Developing various material sourcing and proper material for each brands and price point
  • 3. Maximizing productivity by consisting specialized line for item and details for each lines
  • 4. Having capacity to make various kinds of shirts and introducing automation machines.

PANTS Factory

Vietnam – Hanoi
(Main factory)

Bangladesh – Dhaka
  • 40,000 pieces from 4 lines/month
  • 600,000 pieces from 30 lines/month
  • 1. Making short lines appropriate for domestic order
  • 2. Producing products of various styles by automation of working facility and holding special machines necessary for detail works.
  • 3. Setting up main and subsidiary materials sourcing and development system of various styles appropriate for requirement by Buyers.

KNIT(circular knitting) Factory

Vietnam – Hanoi
(Main factory)

Bangladesh – Gajipur

China Shandong-sheng – Qingdao
  • 80,000 pieces from 4 lines/month
  • 300,000 pieces from 16 lines/month
  • 140,000 pieces from 7 lines/month
  • 1. Possible to immediate production according to request by Buyer by setting up production line necessary for SPOTY and reaction production
        and reducing lead time.
  • 2. Securing stable quality according to smooth work process and minimizing fraction defective by arranging print and embroidery facility in
  • 3. Improving efficiency of workers and consistent quality management by using standardized tools, strengthen actual work capability due to
        inspection by stagesaccording to standardized manual
  • 4. Maintaining vertical integration operation system with having overall process facility such as knitting and dyeing process for maximizing
        raw material production sourcing and production

OUTER Factory

Vietnam – Hanoi
(Main factory)

China Shandong-sheng – Yusan
  • 30,000 pieces from 4 lines/month
  • 70,000 pieces from 18 lines/month
  • 1. Making Total Supply Chain System and enabling self-direct and sourcing capability of raw material sourcing and making possible from plan to
        produce various types of clothes of specialized outer items.
  • 2. After completion of Garment Design Sample planned by Sample Makers with skilled knowhow, we can minimize the production lead time for
        Bulk production and secure the best quality capability with systematic technical training and management by each
        process through process analysis meeting.
  • 3. Introducing the system to manage systematically by monitoring each working process in factory.


China Guangdong-sheng – Guangzhou

Bangladesh – Savar
  • 3GG, 5GG, 7GG, 12GG 70,000 pieces/month
  • 3GG, 5GG, 7GG, 12GG 200,000 pieces/month
  • 1. By setting up Global Sourcing Network System of raw materials, it is possible to supply various yarn, so we can have competitiveness for
        quality improvement and shortening production schedule through vertical integration system which can reduce price and unify all works.
  • 2. Possessing thorough quality management system through longtime production knowhow and the best quality capability through production
        technology development
  • 3. We progress with quality and price competiveness for normal yarn and fancy yarn, which is advanced concept yarn, as well.

DENIM Factory

China Shandong-sheng – Zibo

Bangladesh – Dhaka
  • 70,000 pieces from 6 lines/month
  • 100,000 pieces from 8 lines/month
  • 1. Organizing separate R&D ream for efficient production process and quality management according to characteristic and process method of
        fabric in order to deal with changing trends.
  • 2. Sourcing at a suitable and place for fabrics according to design and unit cost, together with Quality & TNA management for Bulk fabric with
        Global sourcing capability and systematic inspection system for raw material.
  • 3. Increasing efficiency of work by applying production management system with various washing knowhow according to characteristic and
        design of fabric because we have washing factory.


Factory 1 (direct management)
China Shandong-sheng – Yusan

Factory 2
China Zhejiang-sheng – Shengzhou
  • 100,000 pieces/month
  • 250,000 pieces/month
  • 1. Contracting strategic collaboration work with our company
  • 2. The highest quality of necktie fabric
  • 3. Sewing system: Real time management for each process
  • 4. Setting up Korean style sewing line system
  • 5. Specialty in production of detail tie (zipper, bow tie)