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Introduction of company

YOUNGS FnC is professional fashion promoting company to suggest ODM and OEM for fashion clothes and
accessories after established in 2000.
  • ACCESSORIES(Muffler, Neck Tie)

  • Each item is consisted of professional manpower and team management
Setting up production stabilization by items(factory)
  • SHIRT, PANTS: Main factory(Hanoi, Vietnam)/Setting up cooperative company(China,Vietnam)
  • OUTER: Main factory(Hanoi, Vietnam)/Setting up cooperative company(China, Vietnam)
  • KNIT: Main factory(Hanoi, Vietnam)/Setting up cooperative company(China, Vietnam, Bangladesh)
  • SWEATER: Setting up cooperative company(China, Bangladesh)
  • DENIM: Setting up cooperative company(China, Bangladesh)
Consignment sales
Progress under consignment for a brand, collaboration and each item by private label products and investment
(Consignment sales method)

History of company

2000 Establishing YOUNGS FnC
2003 Providing design and contracting for production on GAP Wal-Mart SHIRT & ACCESSORIES
2007 ITEM expansion launching: PANTS, KNIT, OUTER, SWEATER
2009 Contracting exclusive contract for supplying SHIRT and NECT TIE for judge’s robe in Korean court of law
2011 Certification of management innovation small business
Certification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Consignment progress for 300 stores under collaboration with famous brands in Korea
Installation of office in Bangladesh (setting up SHIRT, PANTS, KNIT, SWEATER exclusive line)
2012 Acquired patent for manufacture method of cooling and heating clothes
Launched functional clothes(cooling, heating, scent-processing)
Establishing company affiliated research center (Fashion design research center)
Establishing affiliated company, Ain FnC (concentrating on R&D and new material development)
2013 Certification of technology innovation small business
Certification on venture company
Setting up OUTER exclusive production line(Vietnam, China)
2015 Expansion of production cooperation with on-line company
2016 Establishing main factory in Vietnam for SHIRT, PANTS, KNIT, OUTER
2017 Moving and expanding office in Moonjung-dong

Organization Chart


Consignment Process
Effect of consignment
  • Choice and concentration
  • Vitalization of sub item
  • Dispersion of capital risk
  • Quantity and cost competitiveness comparatively advantageous than competitor
  • Production task out-sourcing

Setting up share system with the Brand from planning to production & sales


YOUNGS FnC(FASHION & CREATIVE) : It means fashion-aiming company with awake young mind.
Blue tone (The color of ocean) : It symbolizes the ocean which is the space of unlimited creation.
Young people’s company with pioneer spirit
  • C59
  • C100 / M28

  • C100
  • K85


Address 1212, B-dong, M State, 114, Beobwon-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Tel 02-529-8999
Fax 02-576-5811